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Used Mobility Hoist Buying Guide

Understanding the Capacities

Our used hoists come in many weight capacities and sizes and may be fitted to most makes of vehicle.

Our range includes –

40kg capacity for lifting wheelchairs into the rear of vehicles
80kg suitable for lifting lightweight mobility scooters
100kg for the middle weight scooters
150kg for the heavyweight range of scooters

Popular makes are Autochair, Brig Ayd, Tech Mobility and Elp Lift.

Hoists are described as two way or four way. The two way model lifts up and lowers down and powers in and out manually. The four way models lift up, lowers down powers in and powers out with the automated power cable. There are also speciality lifts designed to power out over the tailboard of 4 x 4 type vehicles.

Choosing the Correct Hoist

When choosing a hoist be cautious and do not skimp on the capacity. At a later date you may well wish to upgrade your scooter to a heavier model and it would have been more cost effective to have chosen the 150kg for fitting into your vehicle and to have saved the expense of having to upgrade the hoist and pay for a second fitting at a later date.

Fitting the Hoist

It is advisable to have the hoist fitted and connected to the 12v system by a qualified Authorised Fitter or Motor Mechanic.

Advantages of Having a Scooter Hoist

Eliminate struggling with heavy wheelchairs or scooters and no more taking your scooter or wheelchairs apart when loading or unloading – just press the controller and let the hoist take the strain.

Pre-sale Testing of Hoists

All hoists marketed by us are bench tested before leaving the warehouse.


We offer a three months parts warranty on all items sold.